Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd PSI pilot School workshop at WLGS-Secondary Campus-Karachi

Dear Friends,

We conducted our second PSI pilot schools workshop at WLGS-Secondary
Campus, over twenty five teachers and staff attended the workshop.

The feed back from was teachers was awesome, they felt great change after
attending the workshop.They expressed that they did not know such clear
picture before as they now have!

They requested to arrange such workshops on regular basis espcially for
dealing with students in conflicts and alternatives of punishment.

I hope it will bring sure for students positve impact to create peaceful
eniveronment where they can learn to communicate and resolve their
conflicts peacefully.

Please see the video clips of workshops, i have added some more clips.

Video clips of PSI-Pilot Workshop at WLGS-Secondary Campus.



and photo album:

We are looking forward to having your comments and feed back.

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