Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd PSI pilot School workshop at WLGS-Secondary Campus-Karachi

Dear Friends,

We conducted our second PSI pilot schools workshop at WLGS-Secondary
Campus, over twenty five teachers and staff attended the workshop.

The feed back from was teachers was awesome, they felt great change after
attending the workshop.They expressed that they did not know such clear
picture before as they now have!

They requested to arrange such workshops on regular basis espcially for
dealing with students in conflicts and alternatives of punishment.

I hope it will bring sure for students positve impact to create peaceful
eniveronment where they can learn to communicate and resolve their
conflicts peacefully.

Please see the video clips of workshops, i have added some more clips.

Video clips of PSI-Pilot Workshop at WLGS-Secondary Campus.



and photo album:

We are looking forward to having your comments and feed back.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peace Talks-Pakistan

Dear Friends,

Greetings-Best wishes!

Peaceful Schools International-Pakistan is pleased to launch its first
issue of newsletter "Peace talk Pakistan". It gives the information of
progress of PSI program and project in Pakistan. a

We have conducted at PSI pilot schools and Art competition certificate
ceremoney including the volunteer service flood relief camp by the
students, i hope which will be in next newsletter.

We are including different schools activities and students participation
to develop peace and understanding culture in schools and class rooms.

Please send your schools activities regarding PSI activities, We will
appreciate your schools participation, and we will sure post to next

We look forward to hearing your feed back about newsletter and suggestions
to improve more.
Visit and download the file : http://peacefulschoolsinternational.org/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=77&topic=731.0

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PSI Pilot Schools workshops at World Learning Grammar School-Junior Campus

It was a great learning experience for me and teachers.Teachers enthusiasm and participation was great and they showed their great interest regarding the workshop.

The most they really liked were But WHY activity, Stone soup and flap chart activity, where teachers understood that how to create peaceful environment in schools and class room.I shared about the PSI Canadian schools visit and what i learned from there.I explored their talent and need which i did not know before.We served the food traditional biryani and cold drink.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Panel Discussion at Saint Mary University

Class activity to get more friends

Polite is right! wonderful expected manners board at school in Canada

Nobel Peace Prize for students at Children's World Academy

Wash room wall used effectively to express love in the world!

Wonderful Religion Corner in School

I was very much impressed to see the efforts to develop understanding to religions in schools.

Speaking at Droval Academy Montreal

Visit & Training in Canada

My visit to Canada was really amazing and worth learning and changed my entire perception of teaching and learning methodology what we do in Pakistan. It was a great eye opening visit to Canada. I witnessed meaningful education in real sense in Canadian schools which i visited.

I experienced to meet many outstanding educators fantastic students. Clare Levin, Executive Director, Judy Grant, PSI Regional coordinator, introduced St. Lawrence Junior Campus. I saw the real peace education work in action in the classes and outside the classes.

i learned that how to create the environment of understanding, love and respect in the school. I spent the wonderful time at Dorval Academy, i met with the students in the assembly the most inspiring lesson i learned from the visit of Droval Academy was the how to use assembly as a tool of motivation of students and bring them united and energized, i love the song of waving flag, which is the tradition of Droval Academy in assembly to play.

I met with peer mediators; they were young and inspiring students and leaders. I was so excited to see their demonstrations of peer mediation programs as role play, they shared that they were following the wonderful book of peer mediation program of Dr. Hetty van Gurp.

I experienced many times the activities of children’s World Academy on PSI website, like conflict managers, pink day many more inspiring ideas, when i visited personally CWA i was amazed to see that every step of schools speak the language of motivation, love, understanding and respect especially the lessons to teach students how to resolve the problems in the class room and outside the class room.
The principal was very corporative and explained me about the system peace education work and initiatives what they do on regular basis, he gave me many sample forms to record violence in the class and sample certificates to encourage students who have positive behaviour towards students.

In the evening Judy Grant explained more in detail about the role of PSI Coordinator in LBPSB, and how effectively they run the program with the integrations of schools, Judy Grant is a awesome lady with God gifted talent and energy, she is the best story teller i have ever met in my life! I learned a lot from about the involving students in the class through meaningful stories telling.

We had a great conversation with Spiritual animators that how they involve students to learn about virtues and blessings of life especially to teach children about the different religion, one of the spiritual animators, Mary anne Fykes, she explained about the corner to develop about the religions to teach students about the celebration, remembering days in religion and to understand each other about the common concepts in religions.

My first school to visit was Oxford School in Halifax, i met with the students and shared our students work with them, they asked me many questions and we shared lots of information of both system of education and culture, one of the presentation which i could never forget was with Citedel High School, it was one of the best schools with wonderful teachers and staff , they asked and shared about the problems and issues for students in Pakistan. I explained them that how lucky you are! that you are able to get best education in your country through the support of your government.

There was an intensive training workshop, which developed my working capacity to help teachers in involving PSI peace education work, and how to integrate PSI and USIP project with teachers management of schools in Pakistan. I learned about the punishment v/s discipline, I message activities and many more ideas to involve students and teachers to reform the schools where everybody feels safe and to create peaceful environment by understanding each other.

One of the most crucial segments of my training was financial management and reporting the project by Clare Levin (Executive Director) , which I did not know better as attended that workshop from her. Now I can develop excel sheet better, and report better than before.

We are getting immense response from the schools and many schools are interested join the project, as they have realized the significant of peace education in their schools, but due to limited resources we are not able to get them all, and we selected 25 schools overall for current project.

“ I am very much thankful to PSI and USIP to give me a chance to improve working capacity to help young hearts and minds, I am sure that soon Peace education will be the most essential part of curriculum in Pakistan, as schools feel the improvement and positive change in students attitude and behaviour by just doing PSI ideas activities, Peace! Yes together we can!”